Teaching Interests

I've taught courses on ethical theory, moral psychology, global ethics, critical thinking, and logic.

Courses Taught
Courses taught as lecturer and/or unit coordinator:
  • Seminar on Blame: University of California, Davis

  • Moral Psychology: University of Sydney  

  • Critical Thinking: University of Sydney 

  • Society, Knowledge and Self (Self stream): University of Sydney

  • Thinking Critically (Online Learning Environment): University of Sydney 

  • Research Topics in Ethics (Blame): University of Sydney 

  • Global Ethics (Online Learning Environment): University of Sydney

  • Introduction to Moral Psychology: Cornell University

  • Ethical Theory: Cornell University

  • ​The Moral Mind (Online Learning Environment): University of Arizona

  • Critical Thinking: University of Arizona

  • Formal Logic (Online Learning Environment): University of Arizona

  • ACCELERATE Fellows Program: University of California, Davis
  • Tutor and Sessional Lecturer Pedagogy Clinic:  Facilitator (University of Sydney)
  • Coaching Workshop for Female Tutors and Lecturers, Participant (University of Sydney)
  • Inclusive Teaching Institute, Participant (Cornell University)
  • GTA Teacher Training, Participant and Facilitator (University of Arizona)
  • Safe Zone Training, General Education Workshop Participant (University of Arizona)
  • 11 student commendations (University of Sydney) 
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (University of Arizona)
  • Julia Annas Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (University of Arizona)