Teaching Interests

I've taught courses on ethical theory, moral psychology, global ethics, critical thinking, and logic, and I'm excited to develop new courses on applied ethics,  metaphysics, and philosophy of mind. 


Courses Taught
Courses taught as lecturer and/or unit coordinator:
  • Critical Thinking: University of Sydney 

  • Society, Knowledge and Self (Self stream): University of Sydney

  • Thinking Critically (Online Learning Environment): University of Sydney 

  • Research Topics in Ethics (Blame): University of Sydney 

  • Global Ethics (Online Learning Environment): University of Sydney

  • Introduction to Moral Psychology: Cornell University

  • Ethical Theory: Cornell University

  • ​The Moral Mind (Online Learning Environment): University of Arizona

  • Critical Thinking: University of Arizona

  • Formal Logic (Online Learning Environment): University of Arizona

  • Tutor and Sessional Lecturer Pedagogy Clinic:  Facilitator (University of Sydney)
  • Coaching Workshop for Female Tutors and Lecturers, Participant (University of Sydney)
  • Inclusive Teaching Institute, Participant (Cornell University)
  • GTA Teacher Training, Participant and Facilitator (University of Arizona)
  • Safe Zone Training, General Education Workshop Participant (University of Arizona)
  • 3 student commendations for my research seminar on blame (University of Sydney) 
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (University of Arizona)
  • Julia Annas Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (University of Arizona)

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